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My World Is Shaken

Today I've heard from my doctor a news that was hard for me to absorb. A news that was not even near my list of expectations to hear.

Last Friday I felt a mild pain at the middle of my abdomen, right deep under my belly. I thought it was just some sort of muscle pain or an ordinary stomachache, so I wasn't at all disturbed and spent the rest of the day typically. The following day, the pain began to increase its intensity but still mostly felt where it was. Only this time, the pain seemed to intensify at indefinite intervals and radiated from the middle towards the surrounding areas but a little noticeable to the right.

It became more painful in the afternoon, and the sharp spasms became more frequent during the night. Some time in the afternoon I informed my mother about it, telling her something's not right.

She asked me a series of common questions. I told her I didn't have a diarrhea, or constipation; my bowel movement was normal. I didn't have a fever, and I did not feel weak. Just the painful stomachache, nothing else. She opted to treat me with herbals as first aid, and during the wee hours of the evening, when the pain made it difficult to put myself to sleep, she decided to bring me to a hospital.

On the third day the pain remained sharper and the spasms remained frequent and painful, still in the middle and would scatter toward the whole abdomen when spasms occur. I told the doctor I did not lose my appetite and did not vomit. They asked me more questions, told me to take some blood and urine tests, and then later instructed me to take the ultrasound test first thing the following morning after they had found out that the white blood cells were high.

This morning, the ultrasound result reported that my appendix is infected and has already erupted, but the infection has not spread because, as what the surgeon later said, it was caught and trapped by an internal body part having that function (I could not remember the medical name, and have no idea what's the layman's term).

When the physician said they could call a surgeon to operate me that same day, fear and worries rushed in even more as they already have. I have never been to any operations before, and the idea of having an operation imperils my dream of working abroad. I am scared of undergoing an operation as most people do, I believe. Also, it will cost us big amount of money, which we don't have. The savings I've had from working in Taiwan for 5 years mostly went to the house my parents helped me bought, redesigned and enhanced. The rest were all spent financing my application for a job in New Zealand, which until now is vague. My previous experience was in a manufacturing industry, and the next one is technically the same. Physical strength is totally required, and the applicant must have no history of operations.

The surgeon came and physically examined me and asked questions. This time, I told him the pain has somewhat shifted to the right since I woke up this morning. After informing me of the ultrasound results and what it meant, he prescribed antibiotics to be taken for six weeks and scheduled me for an operation four weeks from today. He said that it was the best time to remove the appendix, except of course if the pain becomes too intense, which needed immediate operation. I looked at my mother; I could feel and see that she's worried. But my father was brave as he always is. I pray to God that everything will be alright.

After going home I could not think of something else except this. I even doubt if I could write a poem tonight. But here's what I've decided, I will definitely undergo the operation, bravely. There are ways to get the money, and I don't worry much of that now. And I don't want to worry about it in the days to go.

Money is just money, life is something much more.


    Good luck with the operation, I'm sure all will be well. It could have been much worse but the anit biotics should take any infection away. I will be thinking of you.

    septembermom said...
    I wish you well. I'm so sorry that you have to deal with such pain. You're right to go ahead with the operation. Your health is your top priority. Take care of yourself.
    Diya said...
    Hey, what the...? you should have gone to the Doc immediately yaar, should never be late in these matters, see what happened.
    Just don't lose your strength, you`ll have to go through it. Do it no matter what comes.
    Don't you worry bout your work-field, you will definitely be able to handle it. Don't you worry everything will be all right.
    Keep up your strength and be over with you, you are a brave dude, remember that. And please keep us informed. Best of luck for the OPD :)
    Brosreview said...
    Mate, you will be fine! You should never neglect such issues. I know cause I hail from a doctor's family. The slightest of symptoms serve as a clue. Well, good luck with the surgery!!! Health comes before wealth!!! I shall await an update from your side.
    Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...
    hang in there..fingers crossed that eve4rything will be fine for you..:)
    droL said...
    yesterday I visited another doctor in another hospital, a specialist in gastro-intestinal operations, the one recommended by the wife of my father's collegue. I've taken another test needed by the doctor, and today I will be going to see the doctor again for an advice when to admit myself and hopefully be scheduled for an operation the soonest time possible.

    Thank you guys for all the support and understanding and prayers. These are what I need now.

    Bindu said...
    Take care of yourself, all experiences in life is a lesson and happens for a reason. Just be brave, there is lot of time for future dreams, don't loose hope.
    R's Musings said...
    I am so sorry to hear of your pain. It is good that you had it checked and that you saw a second doctor. I will keep you in my thoughts & prayers that your surgery goes well and that you have a very fast recovery! Take care!

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