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Hello everybody! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope my works deliver messages that would somehow help you move on or go through in life...

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I am taking a new approach to posting entries from now on. From today I will be stating the things that inspired me in writing a corresponding entry, and reveals its intention when needed.



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Night Muses


As the night falls like a glossy drape of black

crepuscular muses forgather for a bath of neon

for like the evening their lives are fleeting.

Festive flapping, summoned by the streetlights;

minute dusts of silver fall like quiesced rain,

showcasing unknowingly such soundless marvel.

At the crest of their being beauty is spotlighted

before the day breaks its first light,

and their once sublime flight morphs into a dream.

Photography by Kokorokoko of the Philippines. Please click here to view the owner’s Flickr page. Thanks!


  1. Anonymous said...
    first accept my apologies for not eing able to check your blog sine soo long ..

    Regarding the post, this was really worth the read :) !! gonna check other posts too !
    septembermom said...
    Wonderful! Love morphs into dream.
    Excellent words loved the read.

    Brosreview said...
    Nicely written! Keep writing!!!
    Diya said...
    The night vaporising in dream! wow! :)

    P.S. Hope ur all right now :)

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