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Hello everybody! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope my works deliver messages that would somehow help you move on or go through in life...

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I am taking a new approach to posting entries from now on. From today I will be stating the things that inspired me in writing a corresponding entry, and reveals its intention when needed.



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Cents and Life

Let's imagine it is us who's in between those cars, peering over a man indifferent to our presence...

High above, the noon sun glow;

Hiding in the shades, all men below.

Searing heat on every windshields;

His cupping hand over his naked head.

Squinting eyes, outstretched arm;

Peering on a tainted glass, his begging charm.

Rattling coins in a filthy, rusty can;

The boy's dry mouth, a hungry one.

Those glaring eyes are shunning him;

He's stepping back though the alibi's lame.
Cars moving, he's in between;

A gen'rous heart he wished to win.

Photography by GEM. Please CLICK HERE to visit the owner's Flickr site. Thanks!


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