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Hello everybody! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope my works deliver messages that would somehow help you move on or go through in life...

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I am taking a new approach to posting entries from now on. From today I will be stating the things that inspired me in writing a corresponding entry, and reveals its intention when needed.



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Several times aboard a marine vessel that transports me between the island provinces of Bohol and Cebu in central Philippines, most of those happened during the late hours in the afternoon, I had witnessed the fairly eye-catching setting of the sun behind the low mountains of Cebu, with its radiance illuminated from a dome of orange and red and deep purple.

Most of my travel at sea between the two islands I traveled alone; I enjoyed the fresh salty air and the calmness of the sea, the state of being alone creates a tranquil room for self-reflection and contemplation. I am the kind who enjoys the company of my close friends and likes to travel with them, but I also enjoy and prefer to travel a few hours at sea by myself. It is when I reflect on the things I've done or should have done in the past, and figuring where this road I'm taking is leading to.

The sunset is my sole company during those times. Amid handfuls of strangers and passengers I find wordless conversations with nature. But it gives me a twinge of guilt going back into it over and over, finding solace in it, blinded most of the time by my own desire to fill some emptiness inside me, and making use of the sunset's company without even giving a slightest expression for its beauty.

Now, it is just time to say these words...

Receding is its fiery beauty

to the western heaven's infinity,

That mystical venture into dusk

is its routine glorious trip---

An endless prompt

for the insatiable poets.

In the sky it's the serene belle,

the cosmic masterpiece on symmetry

Summoning all eyes

to its dome of motley diffusion---

A day's closure so grandeur

hails the waking of night into action.

Shadows cast to the east such impressibility,

Evoking the fantasies of a mind so engrossed, so visionary.

The blending of darkness to the

dimming rays' heavenly hymn ---

All praised by the songs

of my singing pen.

Photograph by H_takeec. Please CLICK HERE to visit the source page. Thanks!


    Beautiful picture. Beautiful poem, lovely to read. The best sunset I saw was when living in Spain, it was awesome.

    Take care.

    Brosreview said...
    A lovely read!!! Great imagery!!! Keep writing!!!
    droL said...
    The sunset captured in the picture is a sunset taken in Saipan, an island in the south east of Japan to the Pacific Ocean, as H_Takeec described in the given link.

    I've never seen such a dramatic and breathtaking sunset as this one, and wish one day I could go there and witness it myself...

    Thanks for dropping by.

    Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...
    I enjoyed reading it combined with the fantastic picture it was wonderful
    zorlone said...
    I think even if the picture wasn't there, it would still stand on its own!

    This is brilliant work droL!


    PS how do you manage your blogs? (isa pa lang hirap na ako, idol!)
    septembermom said...
    The picture turned out to be wonderful inspiration. Beautifully and powerfully written poem. Your "singing pen" shared a glorious poem today.
    droL said...
    I'm using a prepaid internet account so I don't go online 24/7. When I do get online, I have to optimize my time and update all my blogs at the same time, and redesign them together. When it comes to writing for the posts, well, I write them when I'm offline, mostly alternately, and when prepare them before going online.

    All of the poems here were already written and finalized before I go online to search for images that would best fit into the words of the poem...and so far, it works...I just hope it wont get harder as time goes, or maybe I will search for pictures first and write a poem about it --- in the future...but I will then specify it in an introduction. In the meantime, I'm writing first before searching for images.

    So far for me the picture used here is the most striking and dramatic and breathtaking.The credit goes to its respective owner, H_takeec.

    This poem is actually based in construction with that of the Streetlight, which is personifying objects and relating life to an object that is rather perceived as ordinary, and often ignored.

    Thanks to all of you for dropping by. HUGS!

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