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Hello everybody! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope my works deliver messages that would somehow help you move on or go through in life...

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I am taking a new approach to posting entries from now on. From today I will be stating the things that inspired me in writing a corresponding entry, and reveals its intention when needed.



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The Passage

At some points in our lives we come to a pause right before an intersection, figuring the choices we are going to take, fearing the uncertainties behind our head. And in my life I have come to so many points where I doubt my own conviction, question those pieces that comprise myself, and reconsider choosing a thorny, weedy, rocky decision of letting myself free but failing all those around me...

It is during these times that I heave my hands forward, coping for some strength to switch on the streetlights alongside me...

Wake up,

dear eyes!

Untrodden path

right before me,

My feet cease

with uncertainty.

Hands hoisted,

tearing such

deafening serenity

Groping in the

cold space

for rails

For I dream not

to stumble

into the unknown,

into the foggy

lonely distance.

Voices heard,

those in my head,

those screams of

the silence ahead.

Seeing through

the thick fog

my eyes want to

foresee such

strange territory

that reigns ahead,

Visions of the future

vague as a

twilight beam

My feet are slowly

moving forward

facing, embracing




Awaits derailment

and for my walk

to stray.

Wake up,

dear eyes!

Photograph by Raindog. Please CLICK HERE to visit the owner's Flickr page.Thanks!


  1. Femin Susan said...
    Nice poem..... Your words still echo in my ears.... Keep it up.......
    I loved this poem as I have come to the croosroads in my life, Most enjoyable to read.


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