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Hello everybody! Thank you for dropping by my blog. Hope my works deliver messages that would somehow help you move on or go through in life...

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Streetlights shine down our way so we can walk safely and with definite direction. But their aging presence has become ignored by people who walk the same road every night. Is this going to happen to the streetlights of our lives one day?

Evanescing streetlight

At the crack of dawn

Its doting bathing of night

will not soon

End, but will forever keep on.

In those countless still nights ---

My repressed praises,

My lame cajole ---

My pointless bawls.

My driving with broken headlights

In a misty road's blind maze---

The lamp's brightness, a chiding gaze.

After this passing midnight

the sun wakes up to the tired street lamp.

--- My evanescent streetlight.

Photography from
theoryof/misc. Please CLICK HERE to visit the owner's website.


  1. Diya said...
    A very true realization...! Indeed i never imagined the street light would be tired when the sun came up as if to relieve it of its duty...!!
    Beautifully penned down :) Cheerio :)
    Anonymous said...
    this was really nice !!!
    droL said...
    thank you for the comments!

    yes, our streetlights would be tired after the dark nights of our lives...and the sun saves their energy for yet another darkness in life..

    Unknownwriter and Almost Lover said...
    it reflects a feeling I know.. well done
    Excellent words,what we do without streetlights? I can well remember the old days when they had someone come around put them on each night (showing my age).

    Thanks for visiting My World.... much appreciated.

    Take care.
    septembermom said...
    You show how poetry opens up new perspectives on the ordinary things of life. Vivid suggestive imagery. Well done.
    droL said...
    Thank you for the words!

    The more our age progresses the more streetlights we see in the avenue of our lives....the lamps of wisdom and hope and faith...but sometimes, during the dark hours, some of them flicker and die out...

    And yes, I believe that with poetry, you can make those ordinary, often neglected things show their meaning and value.

    Cheers and hugs to all!
    Millionaire@age20 said...
    Your picture and your poem are both nice! thnx for the aDD!
    Kringle said...
    Thank you for the beautiful words...
    and for stopping by my blog!

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